Player and Club Membership Fees

All fees are now split into two components. Online registration and club residual payable to club registrar/treasurer.

Please see he registrars to assist with online registrations.

All players must be registered before and participation is allowed.
Part Payments are possible by prior arrangement.
PLEASE NOTE:  Our club has a no pay, no play policy.


Senior Player Club Fees               $380.00 (Premier Grade, 2nds, 3rds, 4ths)

Student Player/Club Fees            $280.00 (Womens, U20’s)


Under 6 – 7 years                            $160.00

Under 8,9,10 years                           $200.00

Under 11-12 years                       $250.00

Under 13 – 17 years                        $270.00

Parents please note:  If you are eligible for a Health care card or are having Financial difficulty with paying your fees, your fees maybe paid by the Shire of where you live. (up to $200.00 per child, per year).  You must fill in a Kid sport form which are available at the club office or talk to our Junior President Sandy Sugden who will be able to assist you.



Club Member –                            $25

Major Sponsor

Club Sponsors