Non-Player Membership

You don’t have to play to be a member of the club

KDRUC, affectionately known as the Kalamunda Bulls has a number of membership options for non-playing members to enable you to fully participate in the Club:

Muster Club

The purpose of the Muster Club is to Muster sponsors and members for a common objective which is to recruit, retain, and up skill our players, coaches, managers and referees within KDRUC. We want to continually improve our player base, the culture at our club and retain players from one season to the next. Muster Club membership costs $290 per annum paid in full or by quarterly or monthly direct debit payments.

Non Playing

Non-Playing members (Class B) are eligible to hold any office within the club  and have full voting rights.  Membership is $55 for the year and includes a members training shirt.

Social Members

Social Members (Class C) may take part in any social function at the club and may be elected appointed or co-opted to any sub-committee. They may not hold office in the club or be entitled to voting rights. Membership is $25 for the year.